About K-GOTO

I started REDMOON with several reasons in mind but well

I was 40 years old and 40 is an age where you start thinking a lot.

Although I was once told that 40 is when you cease to doubt.

As I was wondering if there were others like me

I thought “what I want to do first of all Is to make something with my hands.”

You could say craftsmanship is a the root of everything or rather, Considering everything I had done until then, It was something one person could do Something I could do just a little better than other people Something with no comparison nothing quite as good or cool as what I was going to make.

The keyword here is “cool”.

I also wondered if I would need a teacher or a master to craft myself into a craftsman.

But if you start with that kind of conservatism, There’s a risk it might translate into the work.

Then I thought “the Native American makes all his tools with the use of just one knife if only Icould make something along those lines”.

I took me around 2 years of practice Or well, What I crafted wasn’t good enough.

And I thought “If I work at a 4 item rate in the course of 100 – 200 years how many people will actually get to enjoy my work?”

“maybe if I had a 10 people like myself I could produce a satisfactory number.”

An American chieftain seemed to go best with my product.

So I created a story for this guy and named him REDMOON.

That”s why it’s “REDMOON”.

There’s motional aspect to it – when you like a piece of leather you’ll know how to turn into something beautiful 

But that leather is different from person to person and since at REDMOON it’s not pre-given, Everyone chooses individually and see the process through from beginning to end.

This is not an assembly-line, with assembly-lines everything into factory work and I wonder if you can even call a craftsman , Craftsmanship means to raise in those pop;e a self that knows how to create, Then you have the REDMOON I created and a generation succeeding me.

Those people, Since I’m the first generation it means they are the second, and that is a generation of young people.

To start selling from the next day onwards this is the potential of REDMOON.

In terms of speed, we’re unmatched, That’s because its individualised.

Many people in one big company system. Because it’s personalized, We do things right away.

With both REDMOON and PAILOT RIVER – PAILOT RIVER, we market as “Only One Perfect”.

Well it’s Japanese – English but, It means something which is made for one person only.

“We made this just for you” – that’s what it means.

And if one person thinks “wo this is cool!”

10 others are bound to think the same, Ihaven’t seen anything “Original Japan” which I thought was cool.

I wanted to make that.

All men, all craftsmen making items, Leading the same Lifestyle together therefore eating the same, “Living under the same roof” as it goes,sleeping, In one day, these are the people you spend the most time with.


Keiichiro Goto